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“La passione per la natura e il rispetto e la curiosità per la cultura del vino ci hanno spinto a fare questa scelta di vita. Far crescere la nostra famiglia e i nostri figli qui è una gran fortuna, lavoriamo molto per mantenere vivo questo progetto!”



Our vineyards surround the farmhouse in a natural embrace. This territory is part of the Alto Monferrato, which is located approximately 250 metres above sea level. It is surrounded by rolling hills.

The soils are mainly clay based calcareous marl, the higher areas are argillaceous limestone in which inferior lower clay is mixed with gravel layers, soils which are suited to the Barbera vines. Overall these hectares are destined for red grape varieties. Recently we have added others which are intended for white wine grapes.


The first season in the cellar begins with the last of the vineyard. The cellar at Costa dei Platani is small, but contains all the necessities. The half light atmosphere in the old stone cellar has a background music that emphasises the charm that winemaking has for us. The large gleaming stainless steel vats hold the crushed grapes and stems. For each vintage the charateristics of the grapes are recorded so the identity of each can be resdiscovered in each bottle of wine. After various conversions have been made, the crushed grapes have become wine and are ready for ageing.


Come and enjoy a tasting of our wines directly in our cellar.  

It is the most beautiful part of our job, the commitment and quality are tested, judged and appreciated. 

We arrange tastings every day for our guests of the Agriturismo, even for those wishing to visit us, without an overnight stay, to discover our cellar and wine production. Appetizers and private tastings for small / large groups will be handled without any problems.


Please contact us for further information.


  • Maggiora
    Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG, Barbera grape 100% ​

  • Faetta 
    Monferrato Rosso DOC, Albarossa grape 100%  ​

  • Madrigale 
    Monferrato Rosso DOC, Barbera 50%, Merlot 25%, Cabernet S. 25%  ​

  • Monferrato Bianco DOC
    Timorasso grape 100% ​

  • Charis
    Monferrato Bianco DOC Riesling Renano 60%, Chardonnay 40%  

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